The Energy Service provides resources and education to empower small business owners and individuals to achieve their goals in today's rapidly changing digital landscape.

If you want to develop a medium to long term business relationship with someone who will care about your goals as much as you do, and who can truly empathize with you, and understand your particular challenges, and who has the skills, knowledge, work ethic, and desire to help you achieve your objectives, then we are both in luck, because that is exactly what I am offering. This is the intention of The Energy Service.

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What Can The Energy Service Do For Me?

Whether you are operating a local business, successful startup, freelance operation, or striving to achieve a personal, academic, or professional goal, developing your presence in the digital landscape is imperative in today’s reality. It’s necessary, but not always straightforward or easy, and always time consuming.

Maybe you have a basic website and social media profiles, created with the hopes of gaining support for a project, or customers to your business, only to be disappointed by less than stellar results.

Maybe you’ve set up your online shop and submitted your products to Google, Amazon, or another platform only to find your account suspended for not meeting terms and conditions. and coming into compliance will mean reworking and re configuring the assets that you already worked so hard on.

These are just two examples of the kinds of problems The Energy Service can help you to prevent or solve, and I’m using these particular examples now because they stand out for me in my own experience.

The learning curve when dealing with social marketing platforms and search engines can be steep and you don’t always have the time to learn by trial and error, mistake after mistake, while you lose money, time, and energy.


To achieve the goal of empowering individuals to reach their online professional and business goals, I offer a combination of the following services: 

•             Immediately reducing your workload by completing a particular task or series of tasks for you

•             Providing individual instruction to close identified skill gaps and take some of the pain out of learning new technological tools.

•             Locating additional helpful resources specific to your needs and educating you about these options

•             Helping you to clarify objectives and prioritize tasks

If you think you might benefit from any or all of these services don’t waste another minute thinking about it.

How To Get Started

  1. Use the quick and easy form below to discuss your most pressing priority as it relates to your overall professional goals. Be as detailed or as brief as you like.
  2. Once I receive your completed application, I will review your information and contact you so that we can discuss your immediate objectives and identify if and how my services may benefit you.
  3. Based on our conversation, I will then draw up a detailed action plan which will include:
  • •             Prioritization of specific tasks to be completed
  • •             A specific timeframe for completion of each task
  • •             The expected outcome for each task
  • •             My fees per action item

You can then select any combination of the services offered in the action plan. This will allow you to meet your objectives while staying within your budget. 

Again, the initial consultation is 100% free; there is no obligation, no high pressure, and the action plan is yours to keep absolutely free.

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Contact The Energy Service today. You’ll be glad you did!

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