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I’m often in awe of anyone who decides to be publicly creative. To hit up slam poetry night, to make that video, to write that horror novel…and then share it! That is an act of courage in my view. It takes a brave soul to bare the soul.

The poetry, stories, and other artistic creations that make it to this site are meaningful to me, otherwise, they would have never made it through my many layers of highly skilled laziness and ineptitude…also known as my workflow, or process… to appear here on these pages for your viewing pleasure.

All you can hope to find here is me, just being me, and doing my thing. That’s it. You may get a glimpse into the reality of my soul, which is generally light, but I do occasionally shine a light on the darker aspects as well. Whatever that means at any given time, it might include some brief (depending on how long you choose to look) PG13 nudity and/or other graphic material as well as the use of a wide variety of words that people who are not me may find objectionable.

Know that you are always completely in charge and free at any time while visiting my site to GTFO and go about your day. It’s OK. I won’t take offense. Thanks for visiting!


I know "they" say: : Don't bother having a personal blog that is just about you because who the heck wants to know about that?" but I don't really care what they say. These are mostly items found in my old notebooks. Enjoy...or not!
Sunflower Art View Journal
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Jupiter Conjunct Pluto and Saturn w/ Mars Joining 2020
I want to update you all on the planetary energies, specifically the current Jupiter Conjunct Pluto and Saturn, just in case you...
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Random Thoughts: A Running List
Just a list of random thoughts I've had. Personal ads for people who want to be alone Get in shape by making...
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Inner Adolescent-Shadow Journal
An inner dialogue centered around early experiences of abandonment at a young age suggests how these experiences influence the experience later, in...
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Musings About Love, Delusions, and Aliens, of course.
From a notebook on my shelf as usual Musings on various topics, pretty random really. Musings About Being Unable to Understand Love...
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Shadow Work Journal – Colorful Pants
Shadow Work Journal Notes Shadow Work Journal - Colorful Pants - Excerpt w/ Audio Yeah, but how do you really feel about...
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Just a little bit about how the circumstances of my upbringing affect the circumstances of today. Reading this probably won’t change your...
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