There was a time when the expectations around business conducted online were fewer and looser than those of business conducted in real life. But today’s digital environment requires specialized knowledge to be effectively managed. Sure, anyone can fairly easily create a website in a day’s work, but then what?

A website worth having requires some doing. A static website is unlikely to draw traffic, and search engine optimization is so much more than adding keywords! But keywords are important, and the competition for the organic traffic that the right keyword can bring is fierce; but having the right keywords alone still is not enough. While the product or service you are offering is likely very useful, you’ve got to set yourself apart from the 600 other people selling the same service in the same space. It’s tough.  

And organic traffic is only half the battle. If you really want people to know of and buy from your business, you must also enter the world of paid advertising. Have you noticed that your personal posts seem to reach fewer and fewer people? It’s not all in your head, I assure you.

Even the individuals not running a business can barely be heard online without paying for their message to be delivered. I can barely get through to my grandmother on social media because someone else has paid for her attention!! And won!

Paid advertising requires a different mindset than organic advertising in addition to a more specialized skillset and knowledge base, to avoid losing your shirt to Google.  

And even having great on-page and technical SEO, and moderate investments in paid advertising, the internet still requires one more thing to keep the sales funnel full: Engagement. Yours.

To stay relevant today, a real online presence is required, meaning that not only can people find you on various platforms, but also that you are engaged! If people are not already demanding your engagement, you must create engagement.

So how do you accomplish all of this, in addition to all of the other things required to manage your business, while also maintaining your sanity?

The first thing you do is contact me, and tell me about your most pressing priority. I will then suggest ways that I can help, and tell you what compensation I will need in order to offer my services to you. That’s step #1.

If you decide that the energy savings is worth the reasonable investment, we will move on to Step 2, during which you will share with me further details and any assets I will need to complete the agreed upon tasks. We will share our preferred communication methods, styles, and expectations, as well as a deadline for completed work to be submitted to you, and then I will get to work. That’s it.

So tell, me…

What can I help you get done today? What is the one thing you would most appreciate being completed, accurately and efficiently, while you do something else?

Put the details in the short ‘ sweet form at the bottom of the page, and I’ll get back to you within a day’s time. You’ll be glad you did!

I look forward to connecting with you…