The Four Directions

four directions, shamanic art

Four Directions Design

Calling in the Four Directions is a simple practice that you can use to open your sacred space in preparation for ceremony, or even daily to bring inspiration into your experience!

Here are the directional representations, VERY generally

With each of the directions, a season is represented, as well as a color, and an element. It is the qualities, or spirit, of each of these elements, seasons, and colors that we are welcoming and joining with when we call in the directions. In this way, we can bring wholeness to our, in all likelihood, rather fragmented, beings. We acknowledge that the dark has it’s place along with the light, just as the darkest, bleakest nights of winter allow us fully appreciate the sunlit, dew kissed mornings of spring. We recognize that the shedding of skin is necessary for growth and that everything is is alive with spirit; hence we too are inspired!

It was with the practice of calling in the directions that I created this design.

four directions, shamanic art

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four directions designfour directions, shamanic artfour directions

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