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Personal Ad – Journal Entry from 2011

Personal Ad - newspaper on fire

Personal Ad

Just leave me alone. I’ll call you when I’d like company.

Okay…You can call and ask me if I want to go see a show or a play but call early enough that you can ask someone else if I decline. Let’s not make a huge deal about it. I’m glad you thought of me, I’m just busy, staring at the ceiling but don’t take offense. It’s not that I’d rather spend time with the ceiling than you. Please don’t assume I think you are worse company than the ceiling. In other words, don’t take it personally. It’s not you at all. It is me.

I’d like to see you once a month or so. Just keep that in mind. If you call me twice a month, I won’t bitch or whine, but not every goddamn day, okay?

I write some shit. It’s not at all about you. I’m not sorry. You’ll see yourself in my jokes soon enough, especially if you keep this up. Are you sure you want that?

If I want to pay half my tab, just let me. If you feel like you want to buy me something, get me something I wouldn’t think to get myself, ok? I can think to eat. Jeez. Romance me by realizing I enjoy your company. If you fail to impress me, at least you know that I’m not the one for you. BTW, I don’t really believe there is a “one”, okay? We may, in fact, be soulmates, but I have several other soulmates. You do too. so don’t fret. We are all just bobbing along on different frequencies at any given time. Please have a hobby!

My son and my experience are not baggage. I pack light so if you want to stick with me, be so. I should be so lucky.

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