Digital Designs for Individuals

Digital designs aren’t just for business anymore! Digital designs for individuals are increasingly needed due to the necessity of using online social media to accomplish our real life goals. The digital landscape today is just as real as our physical reality. To achieve your objectives, you’ll need to create online personas requiring the use of personal avatars to represent yourself, as well as other designed media to effectively communicate your goals. Digital designs can play a critical role in your job search efforts, online selling activities, and educational pursuits.

For many, a personal website is needed in addition to a social media presence. When creating digital designs for individuals, I prefer a holistic approach, considering the individual’s objectives and personality to help establish their online presence.

Other times, digital design work for individuals is needed to accomplish education pursuits, or professional objectives. Students , for example, may need graphic design assistance to complete a project or presentation. In some cases, digital design for individuals also encompasses the teaching of these skills to the individual, rather than simply providing a finished product.

Additionally, individuals often request digital designs as part their eCommerce efforts. Product photos, video and descriptions are necessary to impart the value of any product being sold online and many don’t have either the skills or time required to produce these elements themselves.

Here are some examples of digital designs for individuals:

Digital Designs for Individuals
Graphic for Medical Student Presentation
Rideshare Driver Flyer

Facebook Advertisement for Individual Seller
Facebook Ad/Product Photo and Copy to Sell Personal Item
Product Photo for Individual Seller

Pintrest Pin Photo for Individual Promoter

Fun Ad – Individual Seller Item

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