(Last Updated On: March 1, 2019)

Articulate Rise Courses

I created this short course for a recent job interview. The company I was interviewing with had mentioned that they wanted to implement this authoring tool, so I downloaded a free trial to check it out…and hopefully make an impression.


Powerpoint/Keynote Presentations

This presentation was created with less than 36 hour turnaround time for a 2017 interview with University of Texas. Contains many helpful resources for student advisers.  

Advising Students with Disabilities – PDF

Advising Students with Disabilities – PPT

Informational presentation for on-boarding new employees:

World of Workforce Development: Organizational Structure & Programs – PDF

World of Workforce Development: Organizational Structure & Programs – PPT

Articulate Storyline

(Under Construction! Links will work soon; I need to find an acceptable way to display this content)

These presentations were created over the span of just three months, during which I had to learn nearly everything independently and from scratch via You Tube and the Articulate E-learning Community.

Overview of Workforce Development Programs (Articulate Storyline) – This was my first attempt at creating online learning using Articulate Storyline. I see plenty of areas for improvement., but hey…not too shabby for a first attempt!

Customer Service Pledge – Still a bit rough, but this is another example of “learning on the fly”.

Work in Texas – Resource Room Ready! – Includes my first attempt at creating a matching exercise AND I hear improvement in my voice over narration!!! 🙂 (Navigation was locked down on this at client’s request).