(Last Updated On: March 11, 2019)

Digital designs aren’t just for BIG business anymore! A variety of digital designs are requested by individuals due to the increasing need to leverage online social media to accomplish our real life goals. The digital landscape today is just as real as our physical reality. The Energy Service can help you to accomplish your online education pursuits and professional objectives.

Need some help managing your online life? Need a new website?

I can help by creating a new site, or updating and editing any current sites or profiles, optimizing your evergreen content, editing photos/videos, file type conversions, updating resumes and cover letters, clear inbox clutter, and more.

Need help creating, managing, marketing, or organizing your digital content? I can help you make the most of your online real estate.

Digital designs can play a critical role in your job search efforts, online selling activities, and educational pursuits. You’ll want to be sure that your use of personal avatars, as well as other designed media, is effectively communicating the message you intend.

Whether you need a personal website, or updates to social profiles to boost your social media presence, I can help you to meet your objectives, taking into consideration your specific needs and personality to help establish and promote your online presence.

If you are a student needing graphic design assistance to complete a project or presentation, I can help.

Individual sellers and ECommerce shops can also benefit from my services. I can assist with product photos, video, and product descriptions to impart the value of your products, as well as many other tasks that can save you time, money, and energy!

In addition to providing a finished product, if you would like to learn more about digital editing and content marketing, I’m happy to help you address any skill gaps by sharing what I know.

I truly enjoy all of the elements involved in creating and managing digital designs and written content for all kinds of websites, including e-commerce. . I almost never pass up an opportunity to make a terrible photo look dazzling, and I delight in creating specialized buttons, banners, icons, and headers. I very much appreciate, and will rejoice over, a well-timed GIF.

If you are just getting started and are looking for WordPress hosting, WP Engine offers more than enough features for as little as $28/month. If you don’t mind me earning a few dollars too, you’ll save 20% when you click my link and sign up. You’ll also get 38 Studio Press themes free.

Personal project stagnating?

Often times we complicate things unnecessarily. I can help you untangle those knots. If you are having a difficulty springing into action, I can help you get started.

I can help you manage the tasks involved by taking some of them on, and helping your prioritize the rest. I can also help by identifying any current unseen resources and how they might be utilized to achieve an early win. If necessary, I can help you figure out how to “fail” in the best possible way.

This is me after six months without any job offers. Stunned.

I look forward to learning about your project!

What’s in my toolbox?

  • Experience
  • Education
  • Perspective
  • Intuition
  • Trance States
  • Divination Tools
  • Willingness to be uncomfortable

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