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I’ve finally found a way to prevent broken fingernails, and it tastes so good, I have to share it with you!

I was not ready for my close up when this photo was taken, but that’s ok because what I really want you to notice are my fingernails. Could I have simply taken a photo of my hands? Sure, but how much fun is that?

My fingernails are longer than they have ever been and not one of them is broken. This has never happened before in my entire life, and I’ve been around for a while! The day before this photo was taken, I had gone on the job with my partner, who works construction, and spent the day staining a fence. Not light work for the hands! And yet, not one fingernail had broken!

Even when I’m working light-duty jobs, my fingernails have always peeled or broken, no matter what kind of polish I use, no matter how I improve my diet, no matter what vitamins I have tried. Until now.

For the past several weeks, I have been taking these vitamins from Tropical Oasis. Specifically, the Women’s Premium Daily and the Biotin Supplement.

Easy to Swallow Liquid Formula

I initially tried them because they come in liquid form, and I can’t stand trying to swallow vitamins of any size. I’m always afraid that I will end up choking to death on my vitamin, and while I appreciate the irony of such an exit, I’m not quite ready to go out just yet. For this reason, I never swallow vitamins or other large pills when I’m alone. But since I’ve found these vitamins, I no longer have to worry about death by vitamin, or broken nails!

womens vitamins
The liquid vitamins I have been taking for the past few weeks.

Better Absorption

In addition to the vitamin’s liquid form being life preserving for those of us who have trouble swallowing pills, the liquid form is also easier for the body to absorb than vitamins in pill form. Liquid form vitamins have a 96% absorption rate, whereas pill form vitamins are only absorbed by the body at around 20%. I can’t measure it, but the difference for me has been obvious!

Biotin supplement I pair with the Women’s Daily Vitamin

If you suffer from weak, brittle nails, (or hair), I encourage you to give these a try. It is the only thing that has ever worked for me to prevent broken fingernails. If you have difficulty swallowing pills and avoid taking a vitamin for this reason, I urge you to give these a try. I know you’ll be thrilled with the results. If not, there is a 30-day 100% money-back guarantee that comes with every purchase, so there’s zero-risk and everything to gain.

Right now you can get free shipping on any order over $30, and if you add three items to your cart, you’ll get two more for free. The 30-day 100% money-back guarantee still applies, so order up!

vitamins to prevent broken fingernails - reviews
vitamins to prevent broken fingernails - 100% money back guarantee

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