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Psychedelic, Erotic, Fantastic, Mystical, Digital Designs

…and a few other things too!

You are welcome to download the lower resolution versions of any of my psychedelic, erotic, fantastic, mystical work from any of my pages on this site.  All I ask is that if you repost anything, please give credit by linking to my site and please do not alter the images in any way.  Thank you.

If you plan on printing anything, I strongly suggest downloading the high resolution versions, available from just $1, They were optimized, by me,  with the specific intention of providing you with the highest quality prints possible. Purchased downloadable files are 300 DPI and at least 20″on the longest side. 

I’m often in awe of anyone who decides to be publicly creative. To hit up slam poetry night, to make that video, to write that horror novel…and then share it with everyone. That is an act of courage in my view. It takes a brave soul to bare the soul.

My goal is to provide honest and authentic content on a variety of subjects. You may get a glimpse into the reality of my soul, which is generally light, but I like to occasionally shine a light on the darker aspects as well. 

The things that make it to this site are meaningful to me, otherwise they would have never made it through my many layers of highly skilled laziness and ineptitude.. .also known as my workflow, or process.

All you can hope to find here is me, just being me, and doing my thing. That’s it.

Whatever that means at any given time might include some nudity and/or other graphic material as well as the use of a wide variety of words that people who are not me may find objectionable.  Know that that you are always free at any time while visiting my site to GTFO and go about your day. It’s OK. I won’t take offense

Thanks for visiting!