(Last Updated On: November 15, 2020)

Just a list of random thoughts I’ve had.

Personal ads for people who want to be alone

Get in shape by making common items heavier.

Things don’t need to be done right now. If you get in the flow, things need to be done when they need to be done. And if you do them then, they don’t need to be done. See … Nothing needs to be done immediately. It all needs to be done when it needs to be done. That is all. Do what comes up. Does this sound too simple or lazy for you? You’re in luck. It’s neither.

Is it possible, after retrieving many soul parts, that your energetic signature could change so that people don’t recognize you?

Dildo + Go = Dilgo!

Of course, I always feel like crap around my mom. She never liked me.

There are times where everything is smooth and taken care of. And other times where difficult issues are at the fore. Periods of life during which unseen forces seemed to be major stockholders in whatever it is that I do here.

I don’t’ get addicted to things, but I worry about that constantly when I’m not high.

The Thimble! Are people at the office suspicious about the callouses on your thumbs? Introducing the thimble: Nimble thumbs for crack smoking fools!

A professional speaker who’s an only success is staying positive even in perpetual failure.

One of the best and quickest cures for anxiety is to think about something else.

More Random Thoughts

Beer splash guard for face, neck and chest…or knee.

Mullet prevention = scissors

Mobile daycare

Do you guys ever use that Icy Hot for a backache? The stuff works by distraction!!

If you are gonna sing like a bird, why don’t you fly away like one too?

QVC Man and woman are promoting the remote control that doubles as an intimate vibrator/dildo contraption. As they demonstrate how to use it, switching channels her hair becomes more disheveled and sweaty.

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