Synesthesia Cover photo background art by Dawid Michalczyk


Synesthesia: Turning Social Awkwardness Into the Gold that Fuels You

I’m going to write so much more on this topic as we rocket toward “the future”. Stay tuned! But for now….

The Girl Who Smelled Pink


I’m embarrassed to admit but there’s a soft spot in my heart, when I found out you wrote the book I read..

Common People: Youll never watch your life slide out of you and dance and drink and screw, cuz there’s nothing else to do...

Hazy Shade: Wont you stop and remember me? 

Perfect Blue Buildings

Bananas and Blow

Lucid Dreams

Here i was thinking I ws going to avoid the shamanic beat… but no… some things that you seek when you nee shallowness turn out to be the deepest expressions of your real feeling.

I’m with this guy
















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