Tarot Readings, etc.

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Here I am having a chat with myself as I prep for a reading.

Though generally informal, I would characterize my study of various divination techniques as both academic and practical. I began tarot studies in 2002, and my readings tend to take on an intellectual flavor. I’ve also discovered a keen ability to enter a trance state, sometimes rather quickly, and glean helpful insights that way as well. There is definitely a channel, or several, by which I receive guidance. I am adept at seeing, decoding, and translating messages. I see connections where others do not. I typically use a moving meditation to enter a trance state, and occasionally a shamanic journey will be employed.

I have been studying and working with various contemporary shamanic practices since 2011. I think it was the third time I lost my mind, but who can count? There were a few occasions when I would get a very clear message that I am to heal, open space for healing, but I have always dismissed the idea as self-delusion and then felt badly about myself twice…once for even having the idea, and once again for ignoring it.

I’m overly introspective, and do not fear to tread in the depths. At the same time, if self-absorption is the shadow aspect of introspection, then my navel-gazing is the comedy! I jest, but in truth, the time I spend in reflection allows me to untangle messes, clear out what is irrelevant or unhelpful, and lighten things up a bit so we can see a clear path forward.

Got changes you want to make?  Well, you don’t need to pay me a cent, I’m happy to tell you for free that you don’t need to change a thing. Are you finding yourself in a space where you would absolutely reach out for a different perspective, but you can’t because then… someone will know…and it’s gross and you don’t want anyone to know? You are in luck! Since I mostly just talk to myself, you can talk with me, and I promise, nobody will know.

I have been away from the tarot cards while I attended grad school, worked a day job, etc. I’d like to revisit them in a more structured manner than has been possible. If you would like a tarot reading I’m happy to do that for you.

We could engage via Skype, Messenger, or Email. If you are local to Austin, we could possibly do an in-person reading. If you are interested, just drop me a line and we’ll set it up. 

If you would like to read about some of my experiences with shamanic journeying, I’ve included some HERE.

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