Synesthesia Cover photo background art by Dawid Michalczyk Synesthesia: Turning Social Awkwardness Into the Gold that Fuels You I’m going to write so much more on this topic as we rocket toward “the future”. Stay tuned! But for now, here is an article about synesthesia, followed by some songs moving me in the moment…. The Girl

How to Discover What Goes on in Other People’s Heads

How to Discover What Goes on in Other People’s Heads I am so glad I stumbled upon this speech. It’s not even about couples at all, but I understand the difficulty in summing this speech up in a title. I would have called it: “How to Discover What Goes on in Other People’s Heads” or

cap city contracting, website

Cap City Contracting (website development)

I am rather pleased with the look and feel of the website I’ve been working on for Cap City Contracting, Bobby’s carpentry and home repair services. Having had some practice with my own site here has helped things move along more smoothly, but really, enough can’t be said for having an actual service to promote!!

Rad T shirt Design

Super stoked about how this particular rad t shirt design works with this particular shirt! What do YOU think? Do you like this shirt? Would you purchase this shirt? If not, why not? If yes, how much would you pay for it? How about your current favorite shirt…what is it that makes it your favorite? If you

Striiiife and Chaos!! Striiiiife and Chaos!!; Boot Camp or Juvenile Detention

Fifteen kids, three instructors, countless miles of Appalachian Trail, hundreds of miles in a stinky van, and 182 miles of Georgia rivers. Hopefully this will be just one of several Stories from a Former Foster Kid that I’ll be sharing. This story takes place just after one group home, and just before my entry into foster

My Foster Care Story: Trouble Brewing: A Visit to the Children’s Psych Ward

Astoundingly, I was not the recipient of any electro-convulsive therapies, or even any drugs. They simply kept me there for a thirty day evaluation period, at the end of which, it was declared, by some nameless authority, that there was nothing wrong with me, and I was sent home, angry at my mother.

My Panties! My Panties! : A teenage runaway story

I positioned myself on the side of the highway with my thumb out. “I’m gonna hitch us a ride”.  The first truck sped by, but when the second came, I put a little more effort forth, waving my arms about while trying to hold up my sheet. As the driver began to slow, I looked back and winked at Risa. When he stopped, I yelled above the noise and heat of the truck that we needed a ride. He said something but I couldn’t hear him.

“What??” I yelled. 

He motioned with his head for me to climb up the truck to get closer.  I did so and explained, still in the same volume, that my friend and I needed a ride.

“Okay, hop in.”

It seems my naivete and my willingness to believe the best of others has finally done me in. Never thought it would come to this. I really didn’t. I thought that if I trusted that people would be their best if someone just believed in them, that it would be true. But it’s not true