Walgreens Quit Stealing My Identity!

Walgreens, Quit Stealing My Identity!

Walgreens, Quit Stealing My Identity!

One Hot Lady Seeking Walgreens Tycoon!

Walgreens, Quit stealing my identity. Now that you are checking IDs of everyone who buys booze or smokes, please provide a valid reason for requiring my home address when I buy cigarettes. I provided my ID to one of your clerks, and she asked to scan it. “Why?” I asked. She didn’t know, but insisted anyway that she couldn’t complete the transaction for my purchase of 2 packs of American Spirit Yellows without scanning my ID, thereby acquiring far more information than should be necessary to verify that I, a 41 year old woman, am old enough to purchase cigarettes. I decided in that moment that you, Mr. Walgreens, do not require my home address and other personal information to verify my age. And I think what you are doing is a shady way to utilize your power to rob the public of their right to privacy. Please stop.

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