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If you want to know more about who’s in charge here, read on….

I enjoy writing and I enjoy doing things worth writing about. That’s all there is to it. I’m just sharing my story. Not everything is written because I noticed you all were looking it up when I checked Google Trends. In fact, very little of it is that. I hope to god some other person on the planet engages in some boolean action with whatever words lead to finding me here, and is amused, at least.

I’m aware that some of the things I do, I’m aware that it’s difficult to know, at times, what I am trying to do on this site, or anywhere, if you’ve ever been here or there, before. Getting to know people in a very nerdy and sorta distant way has never been more acceptable.

I’m posting a video here of me enjoying my lotus drum for the last time before I had to trade her for a car payment. I feel like the post I wrote to sell the drum offers a glimpse of a very authentic part of myself, and will serve to give you a good idea of who’s in charge here. My post follows:

This drum has been precious to me for a number of years. I have such fond memories of purchasing this drum. It was right before my first Burning Flipside, and I was wondering what I could contribute since I didn’t feel I had any artistic talent and wasn’t sure what of my skills would be of use to the community. A friend had a Lotus drum that he let me borrow, and I hated the idea of returning it, but of course I did; and then promptly purchased this one for myself.

The guy who makes these is local to Austin and truly puts his heart and soul into them. You can find him here:

He didn’t think he would be able to get the drum to me before Flipside but said he would do his best. A couple of days before Flipside, he called saying I could pick up my drum. Though I have not seen him since the interaction I had with him is memorable, and I could tell he really cared about his work and my satisfaction.

Who's in Charge Here? - lotus drum

I decided that this would be my offering at Flipside. Everyone was welcome to play my cool drum, and a lot of people took me up on that offer. It was an unspoken offer but it was clearly heard.

Often when I am at a large event, there are moments when I feel very out of place and introverted. This drum allowed me to feel okay sitting away from the group, and just playing my drum. And when I would do that, a wonderful thing would happen. People would approach me and ask about it. I would cheerfully hand it over, and even those who didn’t feel they would be able to play it right would gladly do so with just a little encouragement.

This drum generated a lot of smiles, and I felt really great about having something to share that could bring so much joy with such simplicity. And best of all for me, I felt a lot less socially awkward than usual. I always want to connect but feel weird approaching people, but with the drum, people would approach me and I wouldn’t feel pressured to explain myself.

I’m so grateful to have had this drum in my life.

You can check out lotusdrum.com for more info about the drum and the artist who makes them. He sells these for $365, though I think it may have been a bit more back when I purchased mine. It was worth every penny anyway.

Who’s In Charge Here? Last night with my lotus drum.

Who's in Charge Here? - fleetwood mac

This album cover is fabulous


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